As part of the ARISS 2.0 initiative, the ARISS International team is expanding its educational and lifelong learning opportunities for young people and radio amateurs around the world. The downlink will be at 437,800 KHz (+ – Doppler).

We call on the amateur radio community to refrain from using a voice transducer during this SSTV experiment on February 20, 2022 over Europe.

The first experiment in the series will use ARISS-approved ground stations in Europe to transmit these SSTV digital signals. The first SSTV experiment is scheduled for February 20, 2022 between 05:10 UTC and 12:00 UTC for five ISS flights over Europe. Please note that this event is subject to availability by ARISS IORS radio and ISS crew support, so last minute changes may occur.

Each transmission sequence will consist of a transmission in 1:40 minutes, followed by a pause in 1:20 minutes and repeated several times during the ISS flight over Europe.

The modulation used is MSK without error correction. KG-STV software is required to decode a 320 x 240 px image. The KG-STV software can be downloaded from the following link: HERE


More information is available on the websites: and ARISS

Klubová stanice OK1KKY will not plan a diploma for this event, it is a test and experiment of another SSTV image transfer mode.

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