Sporadic layer Es on 6. 2. 2024

On the weekend of June 1st and 2nd, according to the forecast of the CHMI, the weather was rainy and with storm activity. Temperatures are normal, corresponding to the season. However, a weather warning was issued according to the forecast. www.chmi.cz

At the same time, there was a microwave race on the 432MHz and higher bands over the weekend. Coincidentally, I was staying at home and randomly checked the club’s SDR OK1KKY in locator JO70QD. I also followed FlightAware, because the annual traditional “Aviation Pilgrimage” was taking place at the airport in Pardubice LKPD. He could watch flight traffic at LKPD from the balcony and “in the dry”.

On the afternoon of June 2, over coffee, I retuned from the Air band to 144 MHz. I registered quite strong traffic on 144.174 MHz with the FT8 modem. Next, I followed SSB on the frequency 144.300 MHz where I heard from OK stations OK1TEH and OK1SC. Because our IT specialist Ondra set FT8 decoding as “background”, i.e. in the background, including sending spots to the website www.pskreporter.info, I was able to do a back check of what was captured at the OK1KKY station. The site is located at 250m ASL, locator JO70QD. Setup for 145 MHz is quite simple. RTL-SDR blog v.3 receiver with Nagoya antenna (vertical) is therefore not very suitable for these purposes. Raspberry Pi5 and SW OpenwebRX+. We can see the results from the map.

It ranged from EA5/EA6 IS0, I to 2x OZ. ODX was EA5IDZ from locator IM97JW and that is QRB 1890km!!!
Stations EA6VQ from the Balearic Islands and IS0BQE from Sardinia were also picked up.

73! Láďa OK1UNL

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